Open thread: O's next jobs press conference

The first I heard about President Obama’s intention to hold yet another press conference this morning was from the ever popular Amanda Carpenter’s twitter feed.

Reporters, make this presser worth your time! You’ve heard everything he has to say about his jobs bill already. Make some news!

The timing of this conference is, no doubt, in response to yet another set of dismal jobless claims numbers which will serve as an excuse for yet another call to Pass This Bill. But even with Reid thinking he’s found the silver bullet to get Democrats in line – in the form of yet another version of the millionaire’s tax – the bill is less likely than ever to reach the White House. So what should the White House press corps do?

Two choices. They can rehash the same old questions about the bill and allow Obama to use the bully pulpit for yet another campaign speech, or they can raise the roof a bit. Assuming there will be questions allowed after the President’s comments – a big assumption, I know – they could risk the wrath of The One and venture off into some other, more fertile areas of inquiry.

Will any of them ask if the Attorney General plans on investigating the … errr… Attorney General about possible perjury charges in lying to Congress about Fast and Furious? Will the phrase “Durbin amendment” or “Dodd-Frank” see the light of day in relation to Obama playing politics with Bank of America? Confidence in the press these days isn’t much higher than that of Congress, which is saying something since both are only slightly more positive than eating worms.

Will anyone shake things up, as Amanda suggested? What should they be asking about today? Your suggestions, as always, are welcome.

Update (Allahpundit): Not surprisingly, the millionaire tax is very much on the table at the White House.

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