Obamas heading to Blue Heron Farm?

At the Boston Herald, Margery Eagan finds herself in a bit of a snit over the President’s plans for a summer vacation. Adding to her displeasure is the planned destination for this getaway package.

I love my summer vacation. I like President Obama more than most of you.

But a new Marist Poll says that for the first time ever a majority of American adults — 55 percent — will not be booking a summer vacation this year. They’re too worried about jobs and money. The “Staycation” of 2009 has morphed into the “Naycation” of 2011.

But Obama, who’s got us panicked over this debt-ceiling stalemate, will soon be off — again — to Blue Heron Farm, Martha’s Vineyard. Check out the pictures of this “farm” online. You practically drool. It looks like the centerfold of “Town & Country,” the magazine for aspiring zillionaires.

But unless Obama fixes this fiscal disaster — now — he can’t go. He should have a staycay like the rest of us.

Before we go any further, props to Ms. Eagan for coining, “naycation.” I like that one.

Believe it or not, I’ve pretty much gotten over the impulse to criticize presidents when they go on vacation. The usual caveats apply about how the White House travels with the president, he’s in constant contact with his advisers, getting daily briefings and such. The optics are never really very good for a president get away, but everyone needs a break from time to time. And even if ABC is commenting on the outrageous price tag of this particular package, it’s never cheap to haul the Secret Service around.

In this case, however, it might be time to make an exception because Obama’s frequently stated top priority actually involves having him “in the room.” Let’s take a look at a few of his recent statements.

He’s already said that he would be “meeting every day” with congressional leaders until this debt ceiling impasse is resolved. His team has been scolding Republicans for “walking out of the room” when there is still work to be done. And we’ve been assured that he’s not leading from behind on this one, but is taking charge of the situation.

I would say that this is hardly the time to even be considering heading out of town. If you want to plan a trip for the wife and kids, fine. No problem. But Margery Eagan is on to something here. If you want to go on vacation, get your work done first. Hey, at least you have a job. (At least for another seventeen months, anyway.) This vacation should skip straight past staycation and turn into a naycation like so many of the rest of us until this mess is straightened out.