Virginia AG to sue FCC?

Ken Cuccinelli has been a busy guy lately. When he’s not advising pastors on the limits of politics at the pulpit or ruling on bringing guns to church, he’s looking into net neutrality and determining that somebody needs to sue the FCC.

Wading into another fierce ideological battle, Virginia Attorney General Kenneth T. Cuccinelli II has announced plans to sue regarding new federal regulation of the Internet and has urged other states to jump on board his fight against “net neutrality.”

Calling the regulations the “most egregious of all violations of federal law,” Mr. Cuccinelli told The Washington Times on Thursday that he will begin in July or August to gather support from other attorneys general and private partners for a lawsuit against the Federal Communications Commission.

“They have no respect for the courts, no respect for the states, no respect for the Constitution, no respect for federal law,” Mr. Cuccinelli, a Republican, said during an appearance on Capitol Hill at a lunch meeting of the National Italian-American Foundation.

We’ve done more coverage of overreach by the FCC than I could count on short notice, but most of it has centered on activity at the federal level. Cuccinelli’s idea is a rather novel, and possibly more productive approach. If he can succeed in gathering up enough state attorneys general into one suit, it will probably make its way up the chain right to the top. Plus, there is a states’ rights vs. Washington component to the entire net neutrality debate which really hasn’t been explored enough.

On the down side, something like this will doubtless take a long time get in gear, not to mention working its way through all of the judges required. Plus, he will not only fail to get support from the AGs in more liberal states, but likely he will run into direct opposition. No matter the outcome, though, he’s at least getting out there and doing something besides just complaining.

EDIT: As noted in comments, Mr. Cuccinelli is from Virginia, not Virgina, which is actually one of the extra seven states that President Obama discovered.