Of fuel efficiency, green dreams and schemes

Found at Roll Call (with a hat tip to Ben Howe of Redstate) is a list of mostly ex-office holding Republicans who are joining the Fevah Team with the President and congressional Democrats in pushing for world changing fuel economy standards. And by “world changing,” we mean making it too expensive for you to be able to afford a vehicle, so you’ll see more of the world while walking.

A collection of 15 Republicans — all former Members of Congress, governors or Environmental Protection Agency administrators — called on the president Wednesday to set aggressive auto emission and fuel efficiency standards beginning in 2017.

“I’m just very passionate about the environment,” said former Rep. Sherwood Boehlert (R-N.Y.), who spearheaded the letter to President Barack Obama. “We want the administration to know there are serious-minded Republicans who are well informed on the issue who urge him to take aggressive action.”

Other former House Members who signed the letter were Michael Castle (Del.), who is now a partner with the lobbying and law firm DLA Piper; Vernon Ehlers (Mich.); Wayne Gilchrest (Md.); Benjamin Gilman (N.Y.); Amory Houghton (N.Y.); Connie Morella (Md.); Chris Shays (Conn.); Jim Ramstad (Minn.); and Peter Smith (Vt.). Former EPA Administrators Christine Whitman, Russell Train, Bill Reilly and Bill Ruckelshaus also signed the letter, as did Jim Douglas, a former governor of Vermont.

I suppose it’s nice to pen letters like that when you are no longer in office, no longer thinking of running for any office, and not answerable to the voters who will undoubtedly be thrilled at the prospect of your driving up vehicle and energy prices further. (You know… with cars, trucks and gas being so cheap and all today.)

Just to be clear here, what they are talking about is a 100% increase in mileage standards in a single pass. No mention is made of current industry research regarding what is currently possible and what might be possible in the next fifteen years, nor how much it might cost to manufacture a vehicle which could possibly meet those standards. It also means by inference that the very, very “green” vehicles of today which make you so proud will be gas guzzling losers before it’s even time to trade them in. Ben exhibits some deft snark while tackling this point.

Here’s a simple translation of what it equates to: “Green Cars of the Year” for 2009 & 2010? Dirty polluters. Your Honda Civic Hybrid? Why don’t you just light children on fire? Chevrolet Volt? Don’t make me laugh. By 2025 that car will be the equivalent of driving a vehicle made completely of baby seals.

And you can forget about Trucks and SUVs which have been credited as the saving grace for companies like GM who avoided further hemorrhaging at the hands of the administration by ignoring the green demands that were made on them.

It’s enough to get you chuckling if you don’t think about it for too long. In that case, you’ll just break down in tears.