Holder: There's no room for politics in justice

Michael Goodwin catches Attorney General Eric Holder in an unscripted moment talking about the importance of keeping dirty, nasty old politics out of the judicial process. It’s an admirable sentiment, but sadly one which this administration has had a few… well, let us just say, “issues” living up to.

There he goes again.

“Politics has no place — no place — in the impartial and effective administration of justice,” Attorney General Eric Holder thundered last week. “Decisions about how, where and when to prosecute must be made by prosecutors, not politicians.”

As usual, Holder sees “politics” as the evil motive of any body who disagrees with him…

It’s a laughable idea, especially when you get a load of his audience. He was speaking to the American Constitution Society, which Politico describes as a “liberal lawyers’ group.” No politics there!

The case in question centers on two Iraqi nationals in Kentucky who are accused of participating in attacks on American troops in Iraq. Apparently, even after the epic failure of the administration in moving KSM’s trial to the Big Apple, Holder is moving to try them in civilian courts in the Bluegrass State.

Now, on the one hand, I can’t imagine these guys doing very well in a Kentucky court, but that doesn’t obviate the obvious problems we would run into if we start this entire circus all over again with new starring clowns. Besides, Holder may have bigger fish to fry in the near future in terms of politics and the inviolate rule of law. If he winds up having to go after some of his own department in the Gunwalker case, the real test of how true he is to ignoring partisan politics is yet to come.