The Not Ed Morrissey Show: Doug Mataconis and Tina Korbe

Ed Morrissey is off on another one of his secret missions to expose more than the Twitter accounts of certain high profile government officials, but that doesn’t mean we can leave the show off of your daily schedule, so once again I’ll be filling in.

Today, in the first half, we’ll be talking to Doug Mataconis of Outside the Beltway, about a Democracy Fail in Virginia, golfing with Mr. Obama, and the ins and outs of voter fraud.

In the second half, Hot Air’s own lovely and talented Tina Korbe will join us to figure out just what’s up with Jon Stewart before she once and for all answers the question, “Is Sarah Palin really an idiot?

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Also, Move America Forward has started its Troopathon effort for 2011, and Hot Air once again is sponsoring a blogger team in the competition! The Hot Air Steamers will square off against 5 other blogger teams — the COINS, Team 6, The Greyhawks, The Anti-Jihadists, and our friends at Free Republic on their own as The Freepers. The Steamers team includes Maggie’s Notebook, Lonely Conservative, and No Sheeples Here.

We’re combining up to sell care packages for our troops overseas. We’ll all take part in the Troopathon on June 23rd, when we’ll find out how the Steamers managed to do against our stalwart competitors — but this is one contest where everyone wins, especially the men and women who receive these packages and feel some small part of the support we all want to give them. Be generous, and thank you for your efforts!