The non-Ed Morrissey Show: Mark Scudder and Bernard Weinstein

For the last day of the non-Ed Morrissey show before the boss comes back and assumes his normal role we’ll have two features for you. In the first half, we’ll be speaking to musician Mark Scudder, a lonely conservative in a fairly liberal area. We’ll find out about how his personal views affect his music and how they eventually led him to the Tea Party movement. We’ll also debut his new single, “Her God” for your enjoyment.

In the second half, we’ll speak with Bernard Weinstein. He is an economist and associate director of SMU’s Maguire Energy Institute. He’s going to be talking about energy policy under the Obama administration and how it is affecting employment, gas prices and national security.

For the first guest, in case you’d like to read along with the tune, here are the lyrics.
I tried so hard to bring you in
I tried so hard to make you mine
The cancer’s here, it’s gone inside
I’ve made this trip so many times

And now can I see you, all alone
And can I still reach you in your home

Arms outstretched into my soul
To build a house, to fill the hole
Imposed on me and me alone
To build a temple she could call her own

And no one is watching now
Should I try paying homage to her god

The wind blows hard against this tree
Where they hung him, where she’ll hang me
No ropes, no nails, no matter still
She breaks my heart, she breaks my will

And the whole world is watching now
Will you smile
I’ve been in your shoes I’ve walked a mile
And I do want to know you
But not because I spent my life
Paying homage to her god
Making faces for her god

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