Video: Lindsey Graham on Right to Work States

Lindsey Graham has been taking the lead on a number of labor issues lately, hitting back against the NLRB and working to support Right to Work options for the states. In the video below he provides some of the background and the need for these actions by Congress, as well as calling out the dangers of stifling job growth through excessive federal interference.

As far as the pending Right to Work legislation goes, the senator makes one important distinction which should not be lost in the shuffle. They aren’t seeking to force Right to Work status down the throats of any states not choosing it. They’re trying to protect the option for states to do so if they wish, and to be able to do so without fear of retaliation from Washington. It’s very similar to his description of the ideal Right to Work process itself. Nobody is saying you can’t have a union at your place of work. They’re simply assuring the rights of employees to have a vote in a secret ballot when deciding and not face punishment for their choice. You want a union? You get a union. If you don’t, then you won’t.

This is pretty simple stuff, and I’m continually amazed at how complicated politicians and union activists manage to make it as they fight their battles in the media. It’s all about choices, not DC dictates from on high. And these are precisely the types of choices best left to the workers, the employers, and the state governments where absolutely necessary. Take the time to watch Graham’s speech. It’s a good one.