The non-Ed Morrissey Show: Bryan Preston and Rick Moran

Today, Hot Air welcomes back one of it’s long lost, prodigal sons in the form of pundit Bryan Preston. For newer readers who may not remember, Bryan was one of the original writers with Hot Air working under the Boss Emeritus back in the day. He went on from there to produce the Laura Ingraham Show, has served as the communications director for the Republican Party of Texas, and is now a staff writer at Pajamas Media.

When Bryan is done, we’ll chat for a bit with Rick Moran, also of PJM, as well as Right Wing Nuthouse fame. (And let’s face it, what would a week with me be without having at least one candy-a** RINO at the microphone?) Rick will bring his rather unique views on the fallout from the OBL takedown to the show.

As a reminder, we’re back on Ustream now, but using a different channel than Ed’s normal one, so make sure you’re registered in advance if you want to participate with the usual denizens of the online chat during the show. To join the conversation, be sure to register at Ustream. (And if the log-in prompt doesn’t come up in the chat box below, use this link instead.) The Monster runs the chat room for us, and Chris “aka DotD” has bravely volunteered to be our producer.

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