Breaking: Glenn Beck leaving Fox? Update: Seems confirmed

Picked up the latest hit off the rumor mill from James Joyner, along with about two hundred people on Twitter all at once.

Details are sketchy right now but NPR’s David Folkenflik reports that Glenn Beck is ending his weekday show on Fox when his contract ends in December but will perform “special projects” for the network.

Of course, rumors have been flying for some time that Beck has been considering launching his own network. And if Oprah took “OWN” for a name, I suppose Glenn could go with GBN. Who will replace Beck at Fox? I’ve already submitted Ed Morrissey’s name, and I bet he’d do it for half the price. I also saw the name of Alex Jones floating around.

Until we see some official confirmation, treat this as still being in the grain of salt category, but it’s as good a reason as any for an open thread. So… what are the inevitable one liners which will come from this announcement if it happens?

  • It’s a tragedy. Now Jon Stewart will only have enough material for one show a week.
  • Oliver Willis is crying quietly somewhere, wondering what to do with his afternoons.
  • Chalk board sales plummet. More layoffs expected.

UPDATE: The OTB post has been updated with a link from the Gray Lady saying the story has been confirmed by Fox and Beck’s people.

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