The Republican Party isn’t in trouble

The GOP has been in stronger positions, but this is no crisis. The cries of “the Republicans are doomed” mostly come from pundits or disaffected Republicans whom Trump exiled. The corrupt and now exposed Lincoln Project took out one tribe of anti-Trumpists, but many of great character and intellect remain, talking to each other and very few other people. The center-right and old right are simply angling for position while facing a new order, a different coalition of voters and a set of issues defined by the rising menace of the Chinese Communist Party.

The test of a good analyst who is also a partisan is whether he or she can fairly and succinctly state the argument of their opponent. A journalist pretending to be objective has to be able to state both cases. In part because the supply of good pundits of the left or competent journalists who are genuinely detached has run almost to empty, we are left with an endless loop of Republicans-in-crisis nonsense.

And it is nonsense. Look at the current breakdown; the Democrats’ hold on power is razor thin. Redistricting will narrow it further, as will the inevitable midterm losses for the party that holds the White House.