DeSantis and Hogan are vaccinating old people; Dems and media are angry about it

There’s a far simpler explanation, although this doesn’t please the media or Democrats either: Vaccines are going to old people, and some counties have older populations. In fact, Kent, Talbot, and Worcester, the three counties with the highest vaccination rates, are the three counties with the highest share of over-65 population.

Montgomery County, Raskin complains, is 15th in its proportion of population vaccinated. State data suggest it’s actually 12th, meaning it’s in the top half of Maryland counties. But it is 16th in share of population over 65.

So who does Raskin think should be 12th or 15th? Not every county can be in the top 10.

It should go without saying why it’s better to vaccinate older people first. Simply put: they are more likely to die from the virus than younger people are. That Democrats and liberals in the media have trouble understanding this is baffling, but somehow it’s over their heads.