Dems confront a harsh political choice: Save the filibuster or pass Biden's agenda

Pfeiffer said that while some parts of Biden’s agenda can bypass or overcome filibusters, voting rights measures can’t — and failure would be devastating for the Democratic Party.

“Democrats cannot pass voting rights legislation with the filibuster in place and if Democrats do not pass voting rights legislation they are making a generational mistake that could doom them to the minority for a decade,” Pfeiffer said by email.

H.R. 1 would bolster the Voting Rights Act, guarantee 15 days of early voting and ensure universal access to mail-in voting, among other policies. The White House formally endorsed it this week, casting it as a necessary solution to combat an “unprecedented assault on our democracy.”

For now, Senate supporters of the filibuster aren’t backing down.

“Never!” Manchin shouted Monday when a reporter asked whether he’s open to changing his mind.