Dem refusal to open schools is on the ballot in Virginia and New Jersey in 2021

Democrats also fail to realize that not only do schools provide academic instruction, but they also give a much-needed support structure for our children. They offer nutritious meals, mental health therapy, safety, and the opportunity to build friendships and critical social skills. There is a reason that suicides among teenagers are increasing at an alarming rate across the country, and those who continue to balk at getting children back in the classroom are responsible for the problem.

The stakes are becoming too dire, and parents know they cannot wait any longer to start taking their children’s education into their own hands, which is why over 500,000 students from 33 states have been pulled out of the public education system since December 2020. While those families may have the means to pay taxes that go toward public education on top of alternative forms of instruction, low-income families cannot do the same. If Democrats continue to block efforts to open schools for in-person learning, they will drastically accelerate the socioeconomic learning gap they claim to be in favor of shrinking.

Their actions over the past few months make clear that Democrats in Washington and in states such as ours have no interest in reversing course. They will keep ignoring the science, keep placating the teachers unions, and keep our children out of the classroom, all because they control all branches of their respective governments and have the power to do so.