On Friday, the Times reported that Trump alumni are facing a “cold reality” that their White House jobs likely are not paths to lucrative futures.

But former Trump administration staff members who spoke to National Review, including Blount, said they are proud of their work in the White House and believe the stories about their diminished job prospects are overblown. They said they haven’t had trouble lining up new jobs, and they haven’t heard that their former colleagues are being blacklisted.

“Most of my former colleagues have landed jobs on the Hill and in the private sector. Others are in the final stages of interviews at private companies, PR firms, and in media,” said Blount, who worked as director of specialty media at the White House. “At the end of the day, you have to be smart, hardworking, and quick on your feet to work in any administration – the Trump administration included. Reasonable employers recognize that.”

And communications staffers, whose experience mopping up after Trump is understandably valued, aren’t the only administration alumni managing to land on their feet.