Trump plots future -- and revenge -- from sunny Florida links

His short-term goal includes watching his son Donald Trump Jr., the MAGA base’s fervent mouthpiece, barnstorm his way across the country on behalf of Trump loyalists and supporters for midterms.

“Once 2022 kicks into high gear, expect Don (Trump Jr.) to be an extremely active presence on the campaign trail,” a person who works with Trump Jr. told CNN, confirming not only the younger Trump’s taste for political battle but that of the former President, as well…

At Mar-a-Lago, the family is closing ranks around the former President, and his plans, but the leader of next-gen Trump politics is not Ivanka Trump, long thought to be heiress to her father’s domain, be it real estate or politics. She’s been the subject of effusive comments from Trump: In 2019, in the same breath, he touted Ivanka Trump for both US ambassador to the United Nations and head of the World Bank, and in an interview with The Atlantic he said she would be “very hard to beat” if she were to run for president herself. But apparently Ivanka Trump not only has zero interest in politics at the moment, three people close to her tell CNN, she also has been surpassed in popularity with Trump’s base by her older brother.

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