Not long after he used a stick to swing and stab at police officers struggling to protect the U.S. Capitol from a pro-Trump mob seeking to overturn the results of the 2020 election, Jonathan Mellis took to Facebook. He apparently didn’t like what he saw. Many of his fellow Trump supporters, the ones who like him bought into former President Donald Trump’s lies about mass voter fraud, were starting to believe in another conspiracy theory: that “antifa” was responsible for the attack Mellis participated in.

Mellis wasn’t having it. He hated antifa. And he wasn’t about to see them get credit for his work.

“Don’t you dare try to tell me that people are blaming this on antifa and BLM,” Mellis wrote, referring to Black Lives Matter. “We proudly take responsibility for storming the Castle. Antifa and BLM or [sic] too pussy … We are fighting for election integrity. They heard us.”