The truth behind the obfuscation and lies is this: The governor snuck a toxic corporate immunity clause in the 2020 budget on behalf of his top campaign donor, the Greater New York Hospital Association. You don’t need a PhD to understand that handing out get-out-of-jail-free cards to for-profit nursing homes in the middle of a pandemic will lead to more deaths.

He did it quietly and at the last minute, masking the provision under the guise of protecting frontline workers from lawsuits, which if true would have been redundant because he already passed a March 23 Executive Order that gave frontline workers legal immunity for treating COVID-19 patients. But once the lobbyists asked for a broader shield for the corporate executives and shareholders behind for-profit nursing homes and hospitals, Cuomo needed to implicate others…

We cannot be numb to the fact that 15,000 people died in nursing homes under Governor Cuomo’s watch. If the corporate immunity was omitted from the budget, how many lives would have been saved? Ten percent? Twenty percent? That is 1,500 to 3,000 families who could be sitting across from a loved one at dinner tonight. That’s an entire 9/11 tragedy that we could have prevented.

We must hold the governor accountable and restore the integrity of the Senate and Assembly as co-equal branches of government. We must put all options on the table, in order to get to the truth.