The threat to a progressive American from anti-black antiracists

Rather, just as the Christian is told that the main thing is to believe, The Elect are taught that the main thing is to not be racist, regardless of what logic or fairness might dictate. So — we must adjust standards for university admissions to foster diversity so that “diverse” students can contribute their perspectives in the classroom. But then “diverse” students regularly say that they hate being responsible for representing the “diverse” view in the classroom. The Elect’s response? To chalk up that expectation itself as “racism” – despite that this undercuts a prime justification for racial preferences. Question this closely and you just don’t “get it.” Rather, we might just accept this as questions always leading to more questions – and after a certain point, stop asking them.

What you actually don’t “get” in your quest to wring logic out of incoherent positions like these is that for The Elect, being identifiable as Battling Racism, alone and in itself regardless of substance, is sacrosanct. Battling Racism – as in, power differentials — is to be questioned only in ways that reinforce the idea that The Elect are correct. We scoff at this reductive mindset when reading of the Bolsheviks and Stalin a century ago in black-and-white photos, but cringingly allow it as a new paradigm when it’s on the behalf of black people in America last week on YouTube.