So Republicans now face a severe identity crisis which gives Democrats an opportunity to reach out to moderate Republicans and push forward a more moderate agenda. In the campaign, Biden promised to work across the aisle to get things done. But his slew of executive orders and actions sends a signal that he is falling into the current climate of division rather than trying to solve it. Further, if Democrats pass a coronavirus relief bill through reconciliation, which only needs a majority in Congress, that will reveal the limits of their willingness to work with Republicans.

The administration has been talking to some moderate Republicans on a relief package. However, a deal has yet to be reached. The key is to direct additional aid where it is needed the most and then phase it out when the economy is stable. Democrats should focus and leave those trojan horse policies in the bill, like the $15 minimum wage, for a later day.

Republicans are in a crisis during which Democrats can push a moderate agenda and grow their coalition. It remains to be seen if Democrats seize this moment and endeavor to work across the aisle with Republicans, or if they will let the liberal wing push the party further to the left.