How Republicans can beat Cuomo in 2022

Together, New York City, Nassau and Suffolk account for nearly 51% of the statewide vote, and there’s more votes to be had in Nassau than Westchester, Rockland and Putnam counties combined. Five of the nine seats Republicans need to reclaim the state Senate majority lie in Nassau, whose residents are among the most highly educated, affluent, erudite electorates east of Manhattan — which naturally begs the question, why isn’t the GOP spending more time and effort organizing downstate?

All three moderate, suburban Republicans overcame massive Democratic enrollment advantages, as well as the toxic taint of former President Donald Trump. If Republicans can adopt the approach pioneered by Molinaro, Katko and Clavin, they’re two-thirds of the way towards ending a 20-year electoral drought…

[W]ith the Great Twitter Dictator finally silenced, New York’s GOP has a unique opportunity to rediscover itself as a party of principle, with serious policy prescriptions to help resuscitate a state on literal life support.

Now’s the time to forcefully and definitively impale the fanatical fringe on the harpoon of facts and win back some of the urban, suburban voters the GOP’s lost over the past two decades. Now’s the time to elevate the debate with a detailed comprehensive plan to improve COVID-19 vaccine distribution, to rebuild our bridges, fix our roads, repair our broken public transit system, create jobs, balance our budget, reduce debt and try to lower the cost of healthcare.