The share of Republican voters with opinions about Greene increased 13 points, with nearly all of the movement falling on the positive side. Three in 10 Republican voters hold favorable views of the freshman lawmaker, up 11 points in a week, while 23 percent view her unfavorably, virtually unchanged from the previous survey.

The improvement widened her intraparty popularity advantage over Cheney, the most prominent voice within the GOP caucus pushing for the party to move past Trump. Cheney saw a 7-point improvement in her favorability since last week, to 22 percent, while 36 percent view her unfavorably, down from the previous week but still 13 points higher than the share who said the same of Greene.

For both lawmakers, there is still a large swath of the national Republican base to fight over as they forge divergent paths for the future of the party: Pluralities of GOP voters said they had neither heard of or had no opinion about the two women.