As has been the case for most of the Trump Administration, opinions are polarized by party, and Independents are generally split. By a narrow margin, Independents would not convict the former president (47% vs 43%), but by 11 points they would not let him run again (49% vs 38%), something which Trump has indicated he might want to do.

Americans remain divided on the issues surrounding this impeachment trial. More than two in five (43%) give the former president “a lot” of responsibility for the January 6 Capitol takeover, which occurred after the then-president addressed a rally of his supporters. Half say Trump should take at least some (51%) responsibility for what happened. But his Republican supporters overwhelmingly disagree. Only 15% of Republicans say he has some or a lot of responsibility for what happened that day, while two-thirds (65%) believe he bears no responsibility for what happened that day.