NY vaccine rollout so bad people are finding appointments for strangers

But I can’t talk about anything else, not in New York, whose system is so labyrinthian it’s forced people to compete for appointments like it’s “The Hunger Games,” or to simply give up in frustration. There’s the state Web site, the city Web site, separate applications for Rite Aid, CVS and Walgreens, not to mention hospitals, smaller pharmacies and mysterious sites that seem to drop hundreds of doses in the middle of the night…

Soon I joined a Facebook group called New York/Connecticut Vaccine Hunters and Angels, or VaccineAngel.com, started by Joel Leyden, who has helped hundreds online and dozens offline.

“I created VaccineAngel.com because I had the cyber and social media training to reach thousands,” Leyden said about making appointments for eligible people (with first priority to the elderly and first responders), as well as helping others seek excess vaccines that might otherwise be discarded.

“I knew that a professional group would save vaccines and save lives.”