“I feel that the recall effort has become less of a partisan issue — say Republican, Democrat, etc. — and it’s been an educational issue,” Falen said.

Susan Ortega, a friend of Falen’s and also a mother of two, agrees.

“From what I can tell everyone has the point where they sort of snap and feel there is no other way to force a change than to recall,” Ortega — a Democrat who voted for Newsom but now supports his recall — told National Review. “For me, it was in September. For another friend, today. For one of our school board members, last week. In my school district at this point, our teachers will go back, but we have to hit a certain opening metric that’s very difficult. So a few weeks ago Newsom changed it for K–6 but not 7–12. People are tired of him having complete arbitrary control.”

Jason Barry, who lives north of San Diego in Solana Beach and started a “home school” for his daughter and her friends amid the shutdown, said he initially didn’t want to get involved in politics, but is now circulating the recall petition himself.