Look, I’m not saying you couldn’t vote for Biden, but please shut the hell up when it comes to the debate about what conservatives should do under a Biden administration. And yes, we’ll call you idiots until the day you die. You all sold out. You all got played. And the tragicomic aspect about all of this is that anyone who isn’t Simple Jack could see it.

Here’s the thing, Never Trumpers. You’re all horrible people. You’re making enemies lists compiled of former Trump administration officials because that’s not characteristically authoritarian at all, right? Your main hub appears to be co-founded by someone who is facing serious sexual misconduct allegations, predatory allegations to be exact, and most have already left the GOP anyway. We the Republican Party liked the lower taxes, the millions of jobs created, no wars, the Middle East peace agreements, the cutting of red tape, the reshaping of the judiciary, and the solidification of a conservative majority on the Supreme Court under Trump.

It’s why almost half of the GOP want Trump to be a major factor in shaping the party’s future—that number bolstered by GOP women. Sixty-four percent of Republican voters would bolt for a new Trump-led political party, so you already see his grip on the party. The GOP is Trump now. Deal with it. You’ve already lost. He’s brought more people into the party. Over 74 million voted for him in 2020, the most of any incumbent president ever. There are more of us than there are of you.