This is missing context. In this press event, DeSantis said the clinic in question received 3,000 extra doses to target an area with a lot of seniors and he noted that county residents outside the two zip codes still had the opportunity to get doses through the county’s weekly allotment of 6,000. But NBC left the impression that DeSantis would just take away all the county’s vaccines in a fit of pique. The politics continued:

SANDERS: An NBC News examination of how Florida distributed the vaccine shows red counties in the state getting more shots per capita than blue counties. Florida’s emergency operations director aggressively disputes political favoritism, saying doses are based on a mathematical formula.

NIKKI FRIED, FLORIDA COMMISSIONER OF AGRICULTURE AND CONSUMER SERVICES (D): I do not think our governor should be dictating who lives and who dies. If you happen to have money, you get the golden ticket!

SANDERS: The fear tonight? A growing distrust that vaccine playing fields are not level.