Keep in mind that when I’m talking about Tanden, I’m not talking about something stupid a teenager tweeted, mind you, but thousands of things published by a high-functioning adult who was simultaneously interacting with some of the top political leaders in the nation. Having her face consequences would be a good example for young people entering the workforce to see.

It would be a good example for older folks to see, too. We have become a very permissive society. What we need is for some adults to occasionally say, “No. I’m sorry, but we don’t do that here. You can’t do that. We hold ourselves to a higher standard.” Yes, this is a conservative point of view.

Now, you might argue that this is cancel culture run amok, but I say it’s accountability culture. No, we shouldn’t fire every Star Wars actor or Google employee (or, God forbid, every conservative columnist) who holds a controversial view or tweets something unsavory. But when you want a high-profile job in a presidential administration where cooperation and collaboration are vitally important, it’s a deal-breaker to have a social media history of attacking key stakeholders.