Omer says if his parents were alive they would have been really distressed to be away from their grandchildren for such a long time, so he thinks some loosening up after getting the second dose is reasonable, especially for people who live independently.

Before the visit, double check to make sure the person you are visiting has had two shots, and it’s been two weeks since the second dose. In that case it’s OK to visit, agrees McKoy. “You should still wear your mask, make sure your hands are sanitized and you should still socially distance,” she says.

The vaccine doesn’t switch our normal lives back on, Omer cautions. It’s more like a dimmer switch. After two doses “It’s OK to socialize a little bit more, but it’s not time for bingo night. It’s not time for square dancing.”

And be cautious about hugging and kissing, says Dr. William Schaffner, professor of infectious diseases at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. “Wear that mask, give them a quick hug around the waist, then back off. Don’t kiss them extensively, and maintain your distance,” Schaffner advises.