Morning Joe opened its Thursday show with a clip of McCarthy performative stumbling over the pronunciation of QAnon as he defended Taylor Greene, saying, “I think it would be helpful what she told all of us. Denouncing q-on. I don’t know even know what it is.”

“Dumb Kevin? Don’t do that,” Joe Scarborough immediately said, mocking the McCarthy with “I don’t know if I’m saying that right,” and “He’s lying!” Willie Geist added, “Back in August, he said there is no place for qanon in the Republican party. He said it on tape. Like at a news-gathering. I don’t know what he thinks he’s doing there.”

Scarborough then listed the specific and outrageous claims that Rep. Taylor Greene had made before being elected to Congress, which included the lynching of Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi’s assassination, and how a “cabal” of Jews have caused wildfires in California via space lasers. Despite these past comments, she sits on the House Education Committee, though a vote later today in the Democratic-countrolled House may very well strip her of that role.