The feds said Padilla used the website, which was created after the subreddit r/The_Donald was placed on restricted mode last year. He also posted about his support for Trump on Facebook.

“There’s a lot of memes and posts flying around saying that the people who were fighting last night were all Antifa provacateurs etc. I just want to say that as a first hand observer of every point of last night, that it was not Antifa. They were Patriots who were trying to Restore the Republic after being attacked by the cops, who struck first,” Padilla wrote on Facebook, according to the feds. “Even those who broke the windows next to the doorway to the Capitol were Patriots trying to find a way to turn the Flanks of the cops.”

On the online forum, Padilla wrote about his involvement in the attack, saying that he “pushed the rails,” “pushed the stairs,” and “pushed the doorway.”

“I was beaten unconscious twice, sprayed more times than I care to count, received strikes from batons that should have been lethal (Multiple temple and carotid strikes) except that God was on my side,” Padilla wrote, the feds say.