I haven’t changed my mind in the ensuing months. I wish we had enough national unity that the playing of the anthem were not controversial. I wish the Left had not made such inroads that it is considered credible to equate displays of patriotism with racism. That may be a fringe sensibility, though I fear it is more than that. The sensibility punches above its weight, in any event, because people who are prominent in popular culture and the media espouse or sympathize with it. In point of the fact, part of what makes the country great is that we guarantee the right to believe and act on such slanderous ideas, as long as it is done peaceably and lawfully.

In this last awful year, when sports were needed more than ever as a distraction, I’ve watched less pro- and college-sports coverage than ever. The protests and the incessant woke messaging are the main reason. I’m too in love with sports to tune them out completely, but I have a much lower aggravation threshold than I used to. If what you love becomes a constant irritant, you learn to love it less.