Freelancer Talia Jane, who has written for Teen Vogue and describes herself on Twitter as an “independent conflict reporter,” tweeted that streamer James Klug was filming the crowd. He was spotted, harassed, and forced to retreat. Jane gleefully tweeted the news.

Antifa-supporter Alissa Azar from Portland was on-site. She photographed streamers, telling her radical Twitter followers they “just thanked the cops for their service and for being out.”

While national media outlets decried President Donald Trump’s war on the media for merely criticizing coverage he didn’t like, a small army of Antifa went to literal war with media members. Reporters are routinely assaulted or harassed for merely covering the mob’s lawlessness. It happened frequently at the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ) in Seattle last year. The liberal national media was almost completely silent to the threat.

When I discreetly walked past armed Antifa guards into the autonomous zone, head down with a mask covering my face, I thought I was in the clear. But about 20 minutes into my adventure at CHAZ, an activist outed me, tweeting a photo of me listening to a speech. Next, a scout stalked me, standing in front of me or bumping me as I tried to document what was happening on the ground.