Graham said "count me out" after the Capitol riot. But he’s all in with Trump again.

In an interview, Graham said he still planned to negotiate policy with Biden at the right time, and would like to work with him on an infrastructure deal.

“Joe is a fine man,” he said. “There will be a day for that.”

Graham took a very different stance toward Trump when the real estate developer was running for president in 2016. The senator regularly questioned his fitness to lead and said the Republican Party deserved to be destroyed if it selected Trump as the nominee. At one point, Graham called on Trump to “stop being a jackass,” prompting Trump to taunt him at a rally and read Graham’s cellphone number out loud.

But Graham said that once Trump was elected, he wanted to help him be successful — and has grown to like him.

Some former Trump aides and GOP strategists say Graham likes the stardom of being around Trump. Even Trump has remarked to allies that he is surprised at Graham’s approach after their brutal 2016 encounters, and former Trump aides said Graham was always angling to get on the golf course with the president.

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