“It’s all about the vaccine for me now,” said Jablow, who was vaccinated early because of her job in California’s agriculture industry. “I’m pretty straightforward about it: I believe in science, and if someone isn’t interested (in the vaccine) or they don’t believe in (vaccines in general), I’m done.”

Jablow certainly isn’t the only vaccinated single person looking for safer dating these days.

Matchmakers have reported seeing intense demand for partners who have received both doses of the Pfizer or Moderna shots. Dating sites have recorded dramatic upticks in mentions of the word vaccine. Even if you eavesdrop on masked and distanced hangouts at public parks, it seems everyone is desperately seeking someone who has gotten injected.

“Getting vaccinated or being open to getting it is the hottest thing you could do right now,” said Michael Kaye, spokesperson for the dating site OKCupid.