I have a partner, but when I was dating, people thought I was a catfish because I don’t have social media. I’m fairly good-looking and people would think: “She’s lying, she just has secret accounts that she uses to stalk people with, she is self-absorbed.” No, I just don’t have social media. They don’t even ask me why.

The things I’ve been able to accomplish in a short amount of time with no social media is insane. I’m in school right now and work full-time. I’m getting ready to apply to master’s programs. And because I don’t have social media, I don’t waste my time. I’m not bombarded with people constantly taking away my time from me. I put it towards myself and my goals.

Women are blown away that I don’t online shop. I don’t feel the urge; I don’t have the constant bombarding of ads. I don’t have my notifications on my phone. Not a single app. When I get text messages, my phone vibrates. That’s it.

I get better sleep. My attention span, I think, is great.