The six former employees and associates called on the Lincoln Project to waive nondisclosure agreements, writing in an open letter — which was provided to The New York Times — that they wanted to be allowed to disclose information “that would aid the press, public and our donors in answering questions relevant to the public interest.”

While the Lincoln Project leaders said Thursday night that current and former employees should contact them directly for a release from nondisclosure agreements, the six signatories to the letter said they were not comfortable doing so. They cited comments that Steve Schmidt, another co-founder, had made about Jennifer Horn, a former partner and co-founder, and Mr. Schmidt’s repeated denials that he had any knowledge of Mr. Weaver’s actions before last month.

“Expecting victims and those close to victims to contact and engage the people and organization accused of protecting the very predator at issue is absurd, unreasonable and insensitive,” the former employees wrote in the letter. While they did not sign their names to the letter, their identities are known to The Times.