What exactly are uber-woke educators teaching our kids?

In a related story, the Chicago Teachers Union, according to its website, again “passed a resolution to join national Black Lives Matter at School Week activities to kick off Black History Month!”

Of course, history cannot be taught without teaching students about the history of racism and the civil rights movement. But that can be done without educators openly advocating Black Lives Matter and incorporating such a controversial group into school curricula.

But that’s exactly what third-party educational website BrainPOP did in releasing a video examining the Black Lives Matter movement, sparking outrage from some parents and board members after one video touted remaking the Minneapolis police department “from the ground up” while urging students to join BLM.

“When an officer abuses their power, that’s just a symptom,” a character in the video argues. “The problem is much more widespread than that, which is why we need everybody’s help to change things, and that’s what these protests are about. And guess what — it’s already starting to work. In Minneapolis, the City Council voted to remake the police department from the ground up. … We have a voice, and we can do amazing things with it.”