These are only a few examples of the policies President Trump implemented that are of concern to evangelicals. We could also talk about criminal justice reform that for the first time allowed faith-based organizations into federal prisons to help transition criminals back into their communities.

But because of the recent catastrophe at the Capitol, Washington elites suggest that we should forget all of this. We have one simple response: no.

We will never again settle for political crumbs from the establishment’s table. We expect conservative elected officials to live up to their campaign promises to earn our votes.

The Left can mock us, cancel us and try to shift blame, but 74 million-plus American voters cannot be dismissed. Evangelical voters are not “barbarians and fascists.” Nor are we “poor, uneducated and easy to command” as The Washington Post claimed years ago. We are hard-working patriots who love God, our families, our nation and care for the least of these.