Acosta then shared some of the reactions he had heard from “people inside Trump World.” He had a brief conversation with Bruce Castor, one of Trump’s defense attorneys, if he was disappointed that seven Republicans voted to convict. Castor replied that “a win is a win,” overlooking the numbers to focus on the end result.

Acosta continued, mentioned “a longtime Trump adviser” who he had asked about “one of the more damning parts of the trial, that was it was basically established the former president did nothing when his Vice President Mike Pence was in danger up on Capitol Hill on January 6th,” and the adviser replied, “the devil is a saint when compared to Donald Trump.”

“Wolf, I mean even inside Trump World there are people who know this president’s character, know who he is,” Acosta concluded. “And to have a longtime Trump adviser say something like that, I think, you know, establishes that even inside his own circle of advisers, allies, and associates, there are some major questions about this man’s character, Wolf.”