The White House also routinely sends out press releases that seem familiar. In the early days of the presidency, it issued a statement recognizing National Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month — a day that had been routinely marked by previous administrations but ignored under Trump.

The White House is returning to making visitor logs public on a quarterly basis, a practice that was held under the Obama administration but jettisoned under Trump. Former Obama officials have described Biden’s Cabinet as an extended family of sorts, filled with people whom he has worked with for years and trusts.

“I think one of the main objectives here was giving the presidency a sense of normalcy,” said one longtime Biden aide. “Enough of the crazy shit we experienced for four years.”

After a two-hour meeting on Monday with 10 GOP senators, there were no reports of anyone insulting one another — something that happened frequently when Democrats and Trump got together — though there was no deal either. Sen. Susan Collins (R-Me.) described the meeting as “cordial” and expressed gratitude to Biden for hosting them.