In earlier times, we as a nation would simply allow the voters to deal with Cuomo’s future, and they could decide the repercussions he deserved. But these are not normal times. So what should the justice system do with a governor whose actions contributed to 12 percent of all New York nursing-home residents dying from the COVID-19 virus, with an unknown number of other deaths and infections? Because of Andrew Cuomo’s lies, we can only guess how many of those were because of his own ill-conceived policies. But we know for certain that the governor was hiding data that showed his culpability.

The pandemic made fools out of many of us: scientific and medical experts, media, politicians. And that failure itself is not enough to indict Cuomo. But his persistence in trying to lie and obfuscate the facts of the COVID pandemic, and even worse, his trying to make himself some exalted national hero or beacon of science to emulate, make him one of the great villains of this episode in American history. To fail is human. But to lie about it, when tens of thousands of your fellow citizens died from the illness, is a level of moral depravity and social disregard that this country should not stand for.