Greene’s dalliances with anti-Semitism predate her election to Congress, and she continues to play footsie with Jew haters. Rep. Ilhan Omar (D., Minn.) was an anti-Semite before she got to Congress and quickly reoffended upon her arrival. Like Greene, Omar takes a dim view of the Jewish people. Greene thinks a Jewish space laser caused the California wildfires and decries the “neocon reign of death in the womb and across the world.” Omar thinks the Jewish state has “hypnotized the world” and that pro-Israel groups in the United States advocate for “allegiance to a foreign country.”

Democrats are delusional if they believe the GOP won’t return the favor and push Omar from her post on the House Foreign Affairs Committee when the tables are turned.

Republicans in Congress should have zero tolerance for Greene’s conspiracy-mongering, but they should be unified in safeguarding the long-standing norm that the parties must police their own or suffer the consequences. If the Democrats break that norm, this game won’t stop with Greene.