For the last six months I’ve watched this group of concerned citizens beg our mayor and the City Council for help on Twitter every day. People began forming groups based upon common-sense themes like @FidiResidents or @SaferStreetsNY and tried their best to raise awareness about crime and homelessness with City Council members like Helen Rosenthal and Ben Kallos. All of which is completely ignored except for the occasions where someone gets scolded for not being sensitive enough to the needs of the homeless.

Just the other day, I asked City Council member Stephen Levin what he thought about naked homeless people wandering our streets, including some photos of homeless people having sex in public. To which he responded, “As far as I can see, these people aren’t doing anything to be undeserving of my kindness or yours,” and “How do you know they are homeless?”

That’s the kind of leadership we currently have. How is it OK for homeless people to be having sex in subway stations or on Broadway and 78th Street? Why do I even have to ask these questions?

If there was ever a time when our city desperately needed leadership, it was these last nine months. During the course of the summer I watched all of Mayor de Blasio’s press briefings in shock as he failed to address the rising crime, homelessness, and other pressing issues. I would ask myself: “How can you expect people to pay their bills while not allowing businesses to reopen? How do you expect people to pay NYC rent when so many people lost their jobs?”