But let’s say Trump does the unlikely. If you think Fox has been distancing itself from the toddler-in-chief since the Biden victory, you can be assured that it will savage him when he poses a threat to its viewership and revenues. The same goes for the Trump-lovers at NewsMax and OAN. Trump’s better bet would be to buy NewsMax, something Trump allies flirted with in November, or even OAN. But again, doing so would draw the ire of Fox, where the majority of his followers currently park their TV sets. Trump might as well shop for a public access slot.

Rather than starting his own thing, the fastest, grandest way for Trump to get into the media game would be to shop himself to Fox or the Sinclair stations as the host of a nightly show, which given the 74 million votes he garnered in November and his TV talents, could make a splash. But what’s in it for Fox? Its current prime-time roster rakes in excellent ratings, and none of the current hosts pose the personnel problems Trump would immediately present. The Fox dog does not want to be wagged by the tail. What’s more, the Murdoch empire, which owns Fox, seems to have soured on Trump. This week, the Murdoch-owned Wall Street Journal editorial page, a consistent pro-Trump venue, urged Trump to resign the morning after the battle for the Capitol. Fleeing to a host job at Sinclair, again, would make him a slow-moving target of his natural allies at Fox, NewsMax and OAN. Does he really want that? He has too many media enemies right now to manufacture new ones.