Fortunately, there now exists a sprawling network of intellectual and media institutions dedicated to fleshing out this “New Right” agenda—one that is more prudential and less wedded to abstract dogmatism; more overtly communitarian and protective of religion; and more focused on national health and the common good over the excessive economic and cultural deregulation that are hallmarks of post-World War II neoliberalism. I would know because I am a part of this movement. And in light of the past week, especially the loss of two eminently winnable Senate races in Georgia and the shameful manner in which Trump conducted himself during Wednesday’s seditious Capitol storming, it is imperative for our nascent movement’s prospects that President Trump go away after January 20.

He is highly unlikely to do so, of course. The flip side of Trump’s irreverence and indifference toward established norms, which helped make him the perfect political disrupter, is his turgid ego and need to, at all times, be the center of attention. But that ego, which long manifested itself in anodyne Twitter rants, has now come at a real cost.