What’s been happening among Georgia Republicans is relevant to the national Republican Party, said Heath Garrett, a Georgia Republican strategist who previously served as a top aide to former Sen. Johnny Isakson.

“There’s definitely a civil war, if you will, brewing in the Republican Party, but not just in Georgia,” Garrett said. “It’s what does a post Trump presidency look like? And can we bring it back together?”…

Instead of trying to appeal to independent or more moderate Republicans as well as the Republican base, Garrett said, Loeffler and Perdue have been “forced” to focus on what would normally be easier voters to count on among their base. “The problem was, you had this huge megaphone out of Washington telling them ‘Don’t trust the system,'” Garrett said.

“The problem is the messages are almost so different,” he said. “The more you talk about Trump, the less you can talk to independents or soft Republicans in the suburbs.”