Christians have an obligation to stand and defend the United States and the first amendment and do what it takes to push back on the tech giants and progressives who would silence us. We cannot preach the gospel if we do take a stand for the values of the United States. Millions of Christians who voted for Donald Trump are going to be marginalized, censored, silenced, and otherwise driven from the town square. To advance Christ’s mission, we must continue fighting for America as that shining city on the hill.

Now let me add another simple statement: If you were nodding along with the above, you are wrong and following a false gospel.

It is not that we must save the country to share the gospel. That is, as my friend Jason might call it, a Patriot’s Gospel and that is a false gospel.

In fact, I would go a step further and say this: it is wrong to even say that we must share the gospel to save the country.

Doing that is idolatry. We are putting the country before the lost. No country is permanent except the new country Jesus himself will bring.