You sold us this, corporate America. So what’s your return policy?

You need to take on not only the conspiracy freaks but also “legitimate” Republicans who objected to confirming the election results and keep pushing the Big Lie that Trump’s 7-million vote loss wasn’t legitimate. And you can’t stop there. You have to defeat the likes of Rep. Bill Huizenga. He learned nothing from this debacle and has called for a further perversion of our democracy by gerrymandering Michigan’s electoral votes to minimize the power of the state’s Black voters.

Begin by recognizing that you’ve already lost the Republican Party to Trump or multiple Trumps. Almost two-thirds of GOP voters say that the outgoing president has acted responsibly since he lost the election and tried to stay in power anyway. With two-thirds of the general electorate taking the opposite view, that probably won’t be enough to win the popular vote any time soon. But it is certainly enough for Trump to pick a winner in almost any Republican primary. So forget Republican primaries.

Donating to the Democratic opponents won’t be enough either. When necessary, you need to run “Constitutional Conservative” third-party candidates in bright red districts with the sole goal of splitting the right-wing vote enough to keep Trumpists from elected office. And you will have to be as unrelenting and creative as those who imagine the guy who played Forrest Gump is a sex trafficker.