Poll: Overwhelming opposition to Capitol attacks

Overall, almost 9 in 10 Americans oppose the storming of the Capitol, including 8 in 10 who say they strongly oppose the events that shook the country, which resulted in the deaths of one police officer and four rioters and left dozens injured. On this question, 98 percent of Democrats, 80 percent of Republicans, 89 percent of independents, 87 percent of White Americans, 94 percent of Black Americans and 93 percent of Hispanic Americans agree in their opposition to the violent insurrection.

The events of the week of the attacks have resulted in people saying they are less confident in the stability of democracy in the United States, with 51 percent saying that is now their view, compared with 13 percent who say it has left them more confident and 32 percent saying the attacks and related events have made no difference in their assessment.

Most Americans say Trump deserves significant responsibility for the attack on the Capitol: 45 percent say he bears “a great deal” of responsibility, another 12 percent say he bears a “good amount” of responsibility. Another 14 percent say Trump deserves “just some” responsibility for the attack, while 28 percent say he bears none at all.

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